Polarity therapy practitioner

Over 30 years ago I experienced my very first Polarity Therapy session and my life was never the same. After receiving one session a week over the course of a year, I decided to study and train in Polarity Therapy myself. I loved receiving sessions and was amazed at the healing benefits I received. 

You are an active participant in this process and it is your system that ultimately does the healing. Together, with consultation, and by tuning into your system which guides me as to where and how you would like to unwind and release stuck energy / trauma / stress / emotions, we facilitate balanced and free flowing prana in your body. 

This is the foundation for overall health and well being. It is energy medicine that can be beneficial for anxiety, depression, physical injuries, aches and pains, and much more. Mental, emotional, and physical healing can take place through this deep healing process. 

I combine different techniques: cranial sacral, deep tissue massage / Rolfing, massage, rocking, light energy work, acupressure / body reflexology and more. This is all done of course in a compassionate, safe, and supportive environment. 

Polarity Therapy is also a preventative medicine that feels good!  I’m grateful and honoured to be able to engage in this profound and sacred work. Much love.


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