Healing Responses

It is important to know that as part of the healing process and detoxification that can occur, some people may have a healing response after a session. We aim to have the deepest healing with the most minimal healing response. This is the sweet spot.
Healing responses are not good or bad – they are just part of the process. However, it can indicate that deep healing was needed and is taking place.As this work can be deeply healing, I do keep in mind the possibility of healing responses. Your body will be working for a couple of days after the session so it is optimal to be able to rest after a session, as well as to drink lots of water. Many people often only feel great afterwards, and sleep great as well.

Everyone is different. After a session we give it over to your system, which knows what is best for you, and what needs to be done for your healing

Much love.Fiona

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