Heal the Body, Heal the Mind

Our cells in our body store every thought and emotion that we ever have. It becomes problematic when we have an overload of charged thoughts or emotions that create energetic and then physical blockages. These blockages lead to a myriad of physical challenges.

These physical challenges then affect how we think. When we can balance our energies as well as clear and release our stuck emotions or trauma, all of the systems in our body can work more optimally and coherently – positively affecting the quality of our thoughts. This in turn also helps to create better overall physical health. The mind affects the body and the body affects the mind.

In addition to this, in a way our mind – our consciousness – is in every cell of our body. So, on a deep level, and very importantly, our cellular mental health is improved by releasing the stuck emotions or trauma. This then has a positive affect on everything in our body. As our conscious mind does not have to relive any trauma or know what it is releasing, going through the body is a gentle yet profound and powerful way to heal the mind.

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